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Casinos are near to be launched in Japan

Casinos are near to be launched in Japan
After a delay in completion, the regulatory body has a defined date for it to be established.
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Society's concerns about the increase in gaming problems eventually delayed the launch of the Casino Administration Committee, which was scheduled to be established on July 1st. As a result, the Japanese government has announced that the regulator will be established on January 7th, 2020. The Integrated Resorts Development Law will take effect in the same month, beginning January 26th.
The Japanese government has made clear the strict regulatory conditions it imposes and noted that the licensing process will involve the background check of key personnel.
The Committee will be responsible for overseeing casino licenses and operations, as well as overseeing certain procedures, such as license revocation. This committee will consist of a president and four members, with terms of up to five years.
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