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CBF releases Série A games schedule

CBF releases Série A games schedule

The Brazilian Football Confederation released the Série A table of the Brasileirão 2020; keep updated.

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Yesterday, Tuesday, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) released the Série A table of the Brazilian Football Championship 2020. There were no changes to the start date of the championship, projected to happen in August, the Brasileirão will enter on the scene on the 8th and 9th.
The matches of the first round of the Brasileirão to be held on August 8-10, were released, namely:
Flamengo will meet Atlético-MG
Botafogo will meet Bahia
Palmeiras meet Vasco
Santos will meet Bragantino
Corinthians will find Atlético-GO
Grêmio will meet Fluminense
Sport will find Ceará
Coritiba will meet Internacional
Fortaleza will meet Athletico
Goiás will find São Paulo
The first month of disputes will be fast, containing two matches twice a week, suffering a pause during the week of the 26th that will be made available for the Copa do Brasil to carry out its third phase. Now, in the second round between August 12 and 13, the following matches are projected:
Fluminense will meet Palmeiras
Vasco will find Sport
São Paulo will find Fortaleza
Bragantino will find Botafogo
Atlético-MG will meet Corinthians
Internacional will meet Santos
Bahia will find Coritiba
Athletico-PR will meet Goiás
Ceará will find Grêmio
Atlético-GO will meet Flamengo
With CBF announcing the Série A table, the Brazilian Football Confederation projected the final matches for February 24, with the following games:
Fluminense will find Fortaleza
Vasco will find Goiás
São Paulo will meet Flamengo
Bragantino will find Grêmio
Atlético-MG will meet Palmeiras
Internacional will meet Corinthians
Bahia will meet Santos
Athletico-PR will find Sport
Ceará will find Botafogo
Atlético-GO will find Coritiba
One of the athletes who commented on the Brazilian Championship, the Bahia midfielder, Elton, said that the club is focused on playing the Brasileirão.
"A Bahia with the same goal of winning (about what to expect), but with a thirst to achieve something more, as we are passing close to a great title and, this year, we do not want to miss out, since we are longing for play."
"Bahia, today, is very organized, because there are competent people ahead. They are keeping their finances up to date and hiring great players to compose the team, with a thirst to win. We (players) are managing to focus on the field, because we know that , behind, we are being well supported and cared for "- Said the player.

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