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Epic Games announces new partnership and tournament

Epic Games announces new partnership and tournament
Fortnite developer, Epic Games, announced a new partnership and tournament; check here the details.
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In the last Friday, Fortnite developer, Epic Games, announced a new partnership and tournament for the game. Closing a deal with the company Gamers Club, Epic Games will start a new alliance with the organization on September 24th. This great news intends to sharpen even more the competitive scenario of one of the biggest Battle Royale in the world.

According to information, the organizers intend to distribute about US$ 80.000 in awards by the end of the year, bringing classes, content and transmissions of the Fortnite events.

Gamers Club Fortnite posted on its official twitter account “Ready for the first tournament? The Gamers Club Cup is arriving, it’s a US$ 20.100 prize pool and a competitive experience never seen before.”

The platform CEO, Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama, stated: “It’s another big step for us, we are very happy about being able to deliver the Gamers Club experience to this huge community.”

Thus, the first event of the partnership will be the Gamers Club Cup, which will have awards up to the top 20. According to the announcement, the modality of the championship will be in trio, being the first stage of the qualifiers open to the public. After this, the 500 best places will advance to the qualifiers that will compete for the awards. The competition is projected for the 24th, with the beginning at 17h, having about US$ 20.100 to be distributed as follows:

1° placed: US$ 3.000
2° placed: US$ 2,100
3° placed: US$ 1,800
4° placed: US$ 1,500l
5° placed: US$ 1,200
6° to 10° placed: US$ 900
11° to 20° placed: US$ 600
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