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Stars who own eSports teams

Stars who own eSports teams

Stay on top of some stars who own eSports teams.

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It is not news that in recent years several professional players are creating teams for the electronic sports sector. In addition, there are several stars who own eSports teams. Thus, there is an immense proximity relationship between eSports and the most traditional sports of the modality. 
Thus, the Betting Academy has separated nine stars who own eSports teams.

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Daniel Alves (Good Crazy)

Brazilian star Daniel Alves recently formed a great partnership with S2V Esports to create Good Crazy. In conjunction with the Spanish organization, Good Crazy aims to encompass the games: FIFA, League of Legends, Clash Royale and F1.

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Sergio Aguero (KRÜ)

Manchester City star Serigo Aguero was another big investor in the eSports sector. Following the form of the Brazilian national team star, Casemiro, Aguero has invested in just one modality so far. KRÜ is active within FIFA 21, only. However, there are big plans by the ace to form a cast for the games: League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Lucas Paquetá (Paquetá eSports)

In 2020, Lucas Paquetá created the Paquetá eSports team. One of the main names of Flamengo, managed to invest in the modality of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, declaring his love for FPS competitions. Today Paquetá eSports is on the same level as W7M Gaming, Imperial and Havan Liberty, within CS: GO competitions.

David Beckham (Guild Esports)

One of football's biggest stars, David Beckham, is one of the names behind Guild Esports. A member of the organization since 2020, Guild Esports is focused on games like FIFA, Rocket League and Valorant. In addition, the organization has also entered Fortnite competitions.

Mesut Özil (M10 Team)

Two years ago, star Mesut Özil launched the M10 Team. The player's passion for the game Fortnite could only result in a great team for the game. In 2019, the player made his M10 Team official for Fortnite. In addition, the player also broadcasts on Twitch for Battle Royale. In addition, the player also has a line-up for FIFA.

Douglas Costa (DC Team)

The star of Bayern Munich and the Brazilian national team, Douglas Costa, was the creator of the DC Team eSports team. Like his football teammates, the player's focus was only on Fortnite, but it ended up encompassing Call of Duty: Warzone competitions.

João Pedro and Kaique Rocha (Team Vikings)

The former Fluminense player, João Pedro, and Kaique Rocha, from Sampdoria, created the Team Vikings in 2020. The arrival of the team would include only Fortnite competitions, but the players also opted for the Valorant game. Thus, Team Vikings participated in the Valorant Zone Invitational, managing to gain a lot of prominence in the scene.

Antoine Griezmann (Grizi Esports)

The athlete, who was champion of the 2018 World Cup, created Grizi Esports in 2020. The plan to focus only on the game Fortnite ended up making an exception for other modalities, such as: FIFA, CS: GO, Rainbow Six and League of Legends.

Casemiro (Case Esports)

The star of Real Madrid and the Brazilian team, Casemiro, was one of the big names that invested in the eSports scene. The player's interest in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, resulted in the creation of the Case Esports team. The official line-up of Case Esports' Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is formed by the players: Denis "dzt", Felipe "delboNi", Paulo "land1n", Vinicius "n1ssim" and Yan "yepz".
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