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Find out how cricket works

Find out how cricket works
We'll show you the basics to start betting on this sport.
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Have you ever heard of a sport called cricket? Know that it is one of the national passions in several countries around the world, counting with thousands of viewers and bettors. For those who have never watched a game, or seen videos, but don't know how it works, we can say that it is a bit reminiscent of baseball. In this article, we'll teach you the basics to get you started to fit in and make your first bets in cricket.

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How the game works

There are two teams with 11 players for each side (the similarity with football ends here). The field is circular and has some divisions, on both sides, with the following names: one of the parts is called Pitch, another Infield and, finally, there is the Outfield.

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The Pitch is in the center of the field, the same place where the batsmen are. At the ends of this part of the field are two defensive players: a striker and a bowler. Most of the action and excitement of the game takes place on this strip of the field.
At the ends of this area of ​​the field are also the famous Wickets, which are wooden stakes driven into the field.
In cricket, explaining in a simple way, while one team shoots the other has the mission to hit. Bowlers aim to make the ball hit the wickets, while strikers are tasked with preventing the ball from hitting the wickets by throwing it as far as possible.
In addition, while the bowlers' team runs behind the ball, the strikers' team runs through the wickets area as many times as possible on this play. Every time he hits the wickets, he scores a point, called a "run".
If the striker manages to hit the ball out of bounds without it having bounced in first, he scores 6 points and is free to run. Now, if the ball hits inside the field before leaving, it gets 4 points, and also doesn't need to run.
The bowler, on the other hand, has to fulfill some tasks. In cricket vocabulary, it's called “burning the batsmen”. There are a few ways to achieve this:
- Making the ball hit the wicket;
- If any of your teammates manages to catch the ball (after striking) before touching the ground;
- If the ball touches the wicket while the striker is going to the wickets themselves to add their points (explained in the previous paragraph).
When the striker happens to be burned, he is replaced by another teammate who is outside. After 10 substitutions, teams switch roles. Whoever was shooting starts to hit, and vice versa.
The duration of matches varies according to competition rules. As this time is not measured in minutes, like most sports on the planet, a game can last for days! Numbers of "innings" are determined, which are the change of turns mentioned above, whoever hits goes to the throwing action, and whoever throws starts hitting. Until this number is met, the game is not over. Whoever scores the most points until reaching the number of innings stipulated in the game, wins the duel.
To be successful in betting on this sport, the basic thing to do is to look for information on these various types of bowlers and strikers that can be used during a game. This is one of the main strategies in cricket, as some teams have their qualities in throwing, while others have the tactical and technical virtue of striking. Some clubs benefit a lot from home matches, in addition to the weather, which varies from location to location. Teams that are quite used to their climate, can take advantage, since the match can last hours (or days) and the wear and tear can be great during the game.

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