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LoL: World Champion emphasizes importance of reading patch notes

LoL: World Champion emphasizes importance of reading patch notes
The current LoL World Champion emphasized the importance of reading the game's patch notes.
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While it may seem silly or even unnecessary to some players, the current LoL World Champion emphasized the importance of reading the game's update notes. The current mid-laner of DAMWON, the team that lifted the Worlds 2020 cup, has in his training routine always read the game update notes published by Riot Games. According to the player, this habit should be a must for any professional player in the sector.

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ShowMaker reveals that he is always on top of any changes that may be in the game. Through this, the champion of the LCK and of the League of Legends World himself stressed the importance of this practice for professional players: "always read the update notes carefully".

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Patch notes that reveal the changes that may be in the game, are often used to get a sense of any champions in play. The notes reveal changes that the player may have suffered, nerfs or buffs. In addition, there are always changes in item information, which can also be nerfs or buffs. In recent months, there have even been deletions of some items and additions of others, providing vast new features for players active in League of Legends.
ShowMaker, who is always aware of this, included the champion Syndra in his catalog of champions after reading that the character had received a buff from mana reduction, where the character would have more skill in this regard, and chose her for their matches.
As soon as I read the patch notes on her mana reduction buffs, I felt that the buffs were big enough to be played competitively. As a pro, you should always read the patch notes thoroughly. I take the time to even read the developer’s notes on the changes as well. I fear that if Syndra continues to be played in pro play, she’s going to be nerfed again; I don’t think Riot likes her that much."
The choice of champion Syndra can be used as an example during the match ShowMaker had with Fredit BRION. At the time, Fredit's mid-laner was using the champion Ryze, and ShowMaker was using Syndra. Through this, DAMWON won the game, and the current World Champion ended it with a KDA of 6/1/6.
The match held was under patch 11.15, where Syndra's Q skill mana usage went from 60/65/70/75/80 to 40/50/60/70/80. Having information of this small detail, ShowMaker managed to lead his team to a victory over Fredit BRION.
In terms of classification, the current world champion of LoL, DAMWON, is occupying the third position at LCK 2021, but there are still hopes that the team will be able to move up the position, if they succeed in their scheduled matches. If DAMWON obtains the second position, or even the first, the team will guarantee its direct spot for the LCK semifinals. However, even so, the team is already set for the league playoffs, without major concerns.


Known as ShowMaker in the League of Legends world, Heo Su is one of the main players in the DAMWON organization. Turning 21 years old this year, ShowMaker joined the South Korean organization at 17 and remains to this day.
As the player's main home, DAMWON has had several successes in conjunction with the mid-laner. In his history alongside the team, ShowMaker has won the competition titles: Rift Rivals 2019: LCK vs LPL vs LMS vs VCS, LCK Summer 2020, World Championship 2020, KeSPA Cup 2020 and LCK Spring 2021.

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