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The consequences of betting on your own team

The consequences of betting on your own team
There are advantages and disadvantages to betting on the team you love.
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Cheering for a team is synonymous of passion, with moments of joy but also suffering. Any fan has these feelings, some more fanatical and others more restrained, but all are united by these emotions. However in betting, will it work? Beforehand, we can say one thing: be careful when betting on your favourite team, because here we must think rationally, and let's face it, this is very difficult when it comes to our team. However, there are ways to take advantage and gain from your club, so we'll show you both sides of the coin.

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If you read reviews from experienced punters or on sites with betting tips, you will probably learn this lesson: don't bet on your team. There is a big reason for this, because in betting, a small portion manages to have a good emotional balance and act with concrete facts, without letting some cognitive biases hinder their assessment. And nothing "worse" for a gambler who still doesn't know how to control their emotions than rationally evaluating the team he loves.

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With your team on the field, it's natural (but it's not right) to think that they'll score at any time, they'll turn that match in which they are losing, or wait for something magical, that anyone who is by their side and who doesn't support their team would never bet. This is one of the biggest reasons for betting losses, and we are here to do the opposite, to help you profit from your choices. Therefore, we always treat this fact with care, as there are numerous reports of bettors who had losses betting on their team. Those choices, regardless of whether they were with high or low odds, had no assessment of whether there was value contained in them and chances of win, but only emotion.
But how to revert this to something good in betting? Well, one of the things that is best advised in this field is to find patterns, something that happens over and over, being there a great source for you to take your earnings. If you look at the statistics, there will always be an ideal league for a type of bet, or a team that has characteristics or performance that are great for betting on certain markets. For example: there are ideal teams to bet on over, under, corner markets, teams that away from home have the same posture in all matches, or as home team usually play with a certain style, and so on. What better club to have all this information in the palm of your hand? Your team!
If you are that fan who watches all the matches or is looking to get informed about everything that surrounds your club of the heart, you will have great references to bet on. Not that this is impossible with other teams and competitions, even from other countries, but it becomes a very viable option to make profit, as you will be surrounded by information, data and practical experience of what usually happens during matches. One more detail: all this looking only from the rational side, without including emotions in these evaluations, to the point of betting even against your club, if you find a bet of value and with great chances of success.
Your favourite team contains valuable things to place a bet, you just need to know how to explore them in the best way possible. Keep your management control, try to act as if it were any other bet, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team, as there are several markets and betting options in a game, and certainly none will be ideal to extract great advantages.

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